Saperavi Brothers


Production: 700,000 bottles

Marketing Budget: $75,000

Imported: 600 cases

Established in 2002, this young and energetic company is coming into the marketplace with a bang. They have a huge advantage over other Georgian producers, and that is that Atuka Pataridze, the national head of sales and marketing in North America lives in Boston. Distributors and shops get unprecedented access to sales support and this shows. After entering the market last year, their sales quadrupled the following year.The company is focused on modern style wine production. Marnaveli shares the vision of Saperavi Brothers that exposure to Georgian wine to the mass market in the US  is essential to growing the Georgian wine category. Their are consentrating their efforts on the two main grape varieties, Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, offering entry level wines that punch way above their weight for the price point and their reserve line for their single vineyard wines that are aged in French oak for an additional 5-8 months.The brand captures unique energy of modern stylish youth who drink this wine not for status but because it’s a great beverage that brings meaning and culture to their late night festivities. 

Marnaveli event. Atuka and friends drinking wine and having fun at the roof top party.