Saperavi Brothers

As an importer, we take great care in selecting producers and winemakers that will represent the Georgian category in the United States. Georgia is largely unknown to the general mass market, and we want to change that. US is one of the most competitive markets in the world, with virtually every wine region represented many of which stay relatively obscure or unknown. We understand that not all wineries are ready to compete. Many winemakers make great wine, but that is just not enough. Our mission is to establish Georgian wine category in the United States, and for this, simply bringing cool wines will not do. We seek out ambitions wineries that take the time to understand the market and contribute effort to building their brands. 

We seek meaningful commitment form producers we import.

I am looking for wineries that want to lead the way and add synergy to my effort. 

Saperavi Brothers was founded by Kosta Chernikov with a sole purpose of importing Georgian wine and advancing the category in the United States. My goal is to have a Georgian wine section in every wine shop in the country.  After self-distributing in MA and NY, acquiring hundreds of accounts, cunducting thousands of tastings, promoting brands and speaking with consumers, we are eager to scale our succsess. With our accumulated knowledge, I am now seeking to expand my reach through distribution partners. 

We are also very much looking forward to the new initiatives that are starting up in government and especially the private sector. This is a great time to add Georgian wine to your book and get in on the ground floor.

I am looking for distributors with knowledgeable and motivated sales teams who have strong relationships with accounts in their respective markets.

Wine Shop Industry for Web

As a new kid on the block, going into wine shops after work after 5pm, asking people if they would be interested in carrying Georgian wine,  now seems like an impossible madness. I have a tremendous gratitude to the people that gave our wine a chance, introduced me to other buyers and gave countless pointers on best practices in the industry. None of our achievements today would not be possible if it wasn’t for the retail industry in which we have met the people arguably most dedicated to the diversification of wine, discovery of new regions and connecting consumers to winemakers from all corners of the world.

Our relationships with retailers and people behind those wine programs is the bedrock foundation of our vision.

Shops are the gatekeepers, the curators and the trendsetters in the world of wine. I am always looking to meet with those tasked with curating wine selections at shops and restaurants.