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Chubini Wine Cellar

Tornike Chubinidze

Tornike Chubinidze


After working in a couple of larger wineries and getting the bug for winemaking, Tornike moved to Kakheti to build his beautiful winery from the ground up.  He purchased a small plot of land in Shilda village, well known for difficult growing conditions in which Saperavi grape variety thrives. Since then, adjacent plots of land have been added and vineyards planted. The Chubinidze family also now has amazing cottages available for rent where visitors can enjoy amazing views, wine and food. Chubini wines embody the new and energetic movement of young winemakers who are following Georgia’s ancient wine making tradition of making wine in qvevri. This natural method is very labor intensive and produces limited quantities, however the commitment to tradition is unwavering. The white grapes are fermented into a skin contact style, producing an orange wine (or Amber wine as Georgians like to call it) while the Saperavi, is made into a more familiar grippy red wine with bright red fruit and earthy undertones. 

Tornike Chubinidze at Chubini Wine Cellar
Chubini Wine Marani


The winery is located in North East region of Kakheti, village of Shilda. There is a total of 18 qvevri, with total volume (when they are all used) equaling 42 tons. Combination of purchased and estate organic grapes are used. Two wines are produced using Rkatsiteli and Saperavi grapes.   All wines are fermented, aged and stored in qvevri until bottling. 


Tornike produces wines from organic grapes bought from local farmers, but in recent years started to use more and more of his own grapes as he has been purchasing adjacent plots of land and planting his own vineyards. The unique climate in the region provides a variance between day and night temperatures which contributes significantly to the development of both sweetness and acidity within the grapes.